Novel Mould had started before some years to bring modernisms in engineering components, Moulds and Dies Manufacturing Company in India. The former of the company had passed several years in the industry and gathered lots of experience before starting the company. Initially, stepped within local industries to serve the quality tools among the satisfied clients of India, then the company achieved good reputation and fame based on the products’ quality and liability, and now the business is stretched beyond local industries. New clients are joining into the list and glorifying the company’s reputation. In today’s market, Novel Mould is proud to serve the innovative Engineering components, Moulds, and Dies to many customers.

Our Proficiency

Plastic Injection Moulds

NOVEL MOULD is a turnkey MFG Plastic Injection Molding, make your idea to be a business. So if you want a lower investment for selling your plastic products, we are here for you.

Pattern Work

Our range of Pattern is known for their high efficiency and durability features that enable to meet the requirements of customization facility and develop range as per the details provided by our clients.

Investments Casting Dies

Novel Mould ensure that the components to be produced from our Investment Casting Dies will be dimensionally accurate and will provide versatility and integrity.

Assembly Services

Many of the DIE parts we produce require some assembly to make them more useful for our customers.We have Expertality team in-house services to accommodate DIE assembly service.

Our Work Exposition

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